It’s the thought that counts…or is it?

Earlier this month I wrote a blog post on positive thinking, and it was well received. We love the idea of being able to transform our lives through the power of positive thinking.

At least I do. I have declarations I say and keep vision boards hanging up. Some of the things on my vision boards have come to pass, but I’m still waiting for that million dollar check to arrive.

You see for some, positive thinking is a pie in the sky way of trying to get what you want. It borders on ridiculous wishful thinking. So today I am playing devil’s advocate.

Thinking positive is not enough! Because let’s be real here, there is no power in creating a thought and then waiting. The most useless place is The Waiting Place (Dr. Seuss knows what’s up – if you haven’t read Oh, The Places You’ll Go! get it on your list).

We must do something with our positive thoughts. We must take action. A positive thought transformed into action is a thought that becomes a powerful force for good in the world.

Nourishing your mind with positive thoughts is a way of giving yourself instructions, after all.

You wouldn’t go out and buy an IKEA bookshelf, bring it home, read the instructions, and then…do nothing. You’d never get the value out of your bookshelf. It is when you follow the instructions and build your bookshelf that you begin to create real value for your purchase.

All actions start with a thought. We all have enough sovereignty of mind that we can choose some of the thoughts we entertain in our minds. Be intentional and plant those thoughts of greatness and transformation. They are the seeds of greater health and happier moments. But remember, positive thoughts will only bear fruit when they are nourished with daily actions.

The distinction is in the action. Are you a positive thinker + waiter, or a positive thinker + doer? The second variable makes all the difference.

It’s not just the thought that counts, it’s the labor that counts too.


Top Photo by Caleb Frith on Unsplash

Photo of author by Cheryl Butler @candc_adventures