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“I took my very first yoga class from Abigail over five years ago, and I haven’t looked back. I was very nervous and self-conscious when I first started, but Abigail was always helpful and encouraging and put me at ease.I have come a long way in my practice over the last five years (including losing 20 pounds), and I credit Abigail for giving me the encouragement to stick with it! I was in a class she was teaching when she suffered a stroke, and I have been so impressed with her ability to overcome her obstacles since then.

Abigail is also very knowledgeable about health and nutrition, and I have learned so much from her about how to properly take care of my body. I would highly recommend Abigail to anyone who wants to make a life change!”

~ Stephanie Zupancic,

A Big Shout Out to Abbie Atkinson, Yoga Instructor Extraordinaire

I had foot surgery a year ago and continued to suffer foot pain far after I thought my foot should be healed. I went to physical therapy several times and it did help, but was very expensive. I mentioned to Abbie that if she started a yoga class in the neighborhood, I would like to join.

There weren’t any older (such as I am) women in the neighborhood interested, so she came to my house and gave me a birthday gift of a yoga session last September. I was hooked and have been meeting with her for yoga classes ever since.

Not only has the pain in my foot been reduced, and for the most part eliminated, but my knee and hip pain, which had been caused by my poor walking patterns because of my painful foot, gone as well.

Abbie is a master at knowing which muscles to engage to reduce pain, to build strength, balance and flexibility.

I highly recommend her yoga class to anyone interested in building a body that should work much better as we inevitably get older.


Carol Hinckley

“Abigail taught me that wellness is so much more than how we look. She started me on a path of wholeness, understanding, and self love. She never judged, criticized or became frustrated. She always demonstrated high levels of respect and love. She continues to love and support me throughout my endeavors and is a wealth of knowledge for nutrition, mental health and physical health.”

~ Mallory Miller, Owner, Natural Perfections Floral

“I really enjoyed having Abigail as my health coach. She coached me for 6 mos. She was patient, gentle, knowledgeable and dedicated. Even when I felt really crazy, she accepted me as I was and held space for me to find my next steps. I looked forward to our sessions very much.”~ Donovan Giraud, Evolver Wellness