Corporate yoga programs

I know what it’s like to work at a desk all day in a corporate career. I spent 16 years building a successful career at Discover Card, and I became familiar with working long hours, weakening my spine and posture at my desk, drinking coffee and eating junk food to get through the day, and struggling to stay energized. Then I discovered yoga! A regular yoga practice changed my body, revved up my energy, and helped me release unhealthy habits at work. My mental clarity improved and my stress levels went down significantly.

In 2012, I suffered a devastating stroke. I had to learn to walk again and struggled with vision and balance challenges. Fortunately, yoga supported me in a rapid recovery, and within 2 months nobody could tell I had any physical deficiencies.Yoga changed my life, both at work and personally. That is why I created the Corporate Sanctuary Yoga program. We all work hard, and we struggle for better results. It is my life’s purpose to share how yoga can soften the struggle and make balancing career, home, family, and health a joyful experience.

The Benefits of Corporate Yoga

The top ten reasons yoga is being offered to employees onsite in
today’s forward-thinking businesses:

  1. Increases productivity and efficiency.
  2. Reduces employee sick days and healthcare premiums.
  3. Improves morale and job satisfaction, resulting in less turnover.
  4. Provides a way for employees to gain tools to cope with stress and challenges at work.
  5. Makes the company more attractive to potential employees.
  6. Reduces stress and tension.
  7. Improves mental clarity, focus, concentration, and memory.
  8. Relieves head, neck and shoulder strain among other problems caused from work-related repetitive motion.
  9. Improves posture and flexibility.
  10. Increases energy and supports weight loss goals.

For every $1 invested in a workplace wellness program, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits. (U. of Michigan Research Center.) Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna, did a an office yoga study with the American Vinyasa Institute and found that dramatic drops in stress, increased productivity, and lower health care costs resulted in an overall savings of $3000 per employee per year (Little, 2013

Each Yoga Class Includes:
  • One hour of guided yoga sequences including warm up, work, stretching & cool down.
  • doTerra Essential Oils (lavender towels, essential oil diffuser, or other use)
  • Yoga Music & speaker
  • Certified Yoga teacher with liability insurance
  • Attendance tracking
  • Release of liability waivers for new participants
  • Breathing exercises & visualization/meditation
  • Email reminders and office yoga tips available for company wide distribution

*Mats, blocks, and straps pricing available upon request.

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Corporate health workshops

Companies love the ease and value that health workshops add to their wellness strategies. They are a great way to keep employees engaged and active in the company’s wellness programs and reduce employer costs by providing a long-term answer for keeping employees happy and healthy.

My workshops provide:
  • Employees and their families with easily accessible educational activities and resources
  • Information and tips on how to make adjustments in lifestyle that result in sustainable, long-term improved health
  • A feeling of empowerment to make healthier choices without being overwhelmed
The cost-benefit of providing health workshops

Curious about the cost-benefit? Here are the results from a few of America’s finest companies that provide health education and wellness initiatives for their employees.


Every dollar invested in health promotion yielded $1.42 in lower absenteeism costs.

The Traveler’s Corporation

Claims a $3.40 return for every dollar invested in health promotion.

Providence Everett Medical Center

28% average reduction in healthcare utilization by employees participating in wellness initiatives.


Employee retention increase.

Workshop Topic Examples:
  • Eating for Energy
  • Shake the Sugar Habit
  • Health Food Store Tour
  • Green Smoothie Workshop
  • Healthy for the Holidays
  • Weigh Less, Live More
  • Women’s Health
  • Office Yoga – Desk Stretches For Tension Relief
  • Mindfulness-based Intuitive Eating
  • Stress Management In A Modern World
  • Digestion 101: Keys to Radiant Health
  • Optimizing Nutrition For Performance
  • Custom topics available upon request
Corporate health workshops include:
  • One-Hour participatory education about health topics (sleep, stress, movement, nutrition)
  • Customizable topics relevant to current wellness initiatives
  • Handouts on current information, recipes, resources, and guides
  • Presentation decks provided for distribution
  • Board-certified holistic health coach facilitator(s)
  • Option for healthy food samples (not included in cost)

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Other companies that are benefiting from workplace yoga:

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