What is all this juice and all this joy? – Gerard Manly Hopkins

It brings me great joy to sip on a fresh, crisp, just pressed juice on a hot summer afternoon. The days are heating up out here in Utah right now – so here’s the blend currently running through my juicer.

1 head of romaine
1 cucumber (with skin, organic!)
A few sticks of celery
Juice of one lemon
A small chunk of fresh peeled ginger, about a teaspoon size
Pinch of cayenne (or more if you can handle it!)

Run all ingredients through your juicer except the lemon. You may need to hand juice the lemon. Or at least peel it. It’s totally fine to eat some lemon peel, but too much and there’s no saving it. Enjoy this one served over ice!

This delightful green juice is basically sugar free (no fruit!) and super energizing. The lemon, ginger and cayenne not only make this taste great, they also stoke your digestive fire!

Celery is excellent for replacing lost electrolytes, which can often be an issue with fatigue. Cucumber is full of silica which is excellent for skin health, and romaine is a nice way to add nutrients without being too bitter.

When you start to feel melted by the summer heat, try refreshing yourself with  a nutrient rich juice instead of sugary summer drink. What’s your favorite juice blend!?

Love & Health,