Travel is one of the best adventures life has to offer, in my humble opinion. Nothing like exploring new places, cultures and food to keep life feeling fresh and vibrant. But all the good stuff acknowledged, there are some undeniable challenges that come with the territory. 

Today I’m sharing my top health hacks to lighten the trials of travel, in no particular order. May one of these tips bring ease to your expeditions and comfort to your treks. Or at least keep you from being miserable when you just want to have fun.

  1. Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula. This herbal supplement keeps jet lag from turning into poop lag. There are few things worse than constipation, especially for our immune system. Optimal health requires optimal bowel movements, whether you like to talk about it or not. Sadly, long flights are known for backing up the pipes and swelling up the limbs. Start taking Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula the day of travel and you might bypass this unpleasant plumbing jam altogether. It is 100% plant-based, mild, and tonic – basically food for your bowels.

  2. Fish oil. Good-bye swollen ankles! I amp up the fish oil during times of travel and this prevents or quickly reduces inflammation that sneaks up especially from those long flights. The trick is to take decent quantities, I usually double the dose. Make sure you get a high quality product – you don’t want contaminants to sneak in. My favorite brand is Nordic Naturals. P.S. Get some compression socks too. Take my word on this one.

  3. Molecular hydrogen. The body goes through a lot of stress when you are travelling. I love Vital Reaction’s supplement because they are so easy to use. Just drop one or two tablets into a cup of water, wait for it to dissolve, and drink up. This reduces oxidative stress from travel, helps to reduce inflammation, and hydrates you at the cellular level. And it helps you recover from time zone changes much faster.

  4. Dr. Bronner’s Travel Size toothpaste. A simple, convenient, all natural and fluoride free toothpaste I can feel good about using when I’m on the road. I sound like a commercial, but I am in no way compensated. I love natural toothpaste but few come in travel size. This brand does, and it’s super affordable. Brushing your teeth on those long flights is one of the most refreshing, satisfying things you can do, hands down. Most toothpastes are filled with toxic substances and this does not help our bodies stay vibrant ever, especially when traveling. You won’t regret giving this one a try.

  5. Organifi Green Juice. It is difficult to get fresh green juice on the go, if not impossible. These come in packets that you can take with you anywhere. My favorite part about this green juice powder is that it is infused with ashwagandha – one of the best herbs to help alleviate stress on the body. Ashwagandha is nourishing to the nervous system. It boosts energy when you need it with zero crash, and calms the nerves when you need to chill and rest. 

These are currently my top five most used health hacks when I travel anywhere. I don’t get paid to promote these brands, I just love sharing what has sustained me in my world wanderings. Please drop a comment below and share with me some of your favorite travel health hacks!

Love & Health,