Chakra Balancing Bliss

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Here’s what’s inside:

Library of chakra training with easy to understand content

Journal pages to reflect on your well-being in each chakra

A yoga flow sequenced to nourish each chakra area of the body

A guided meditation for balancing the chakras

The recipe for my Chakra Bliss Herbal Tea blend

All the info on the herbs and how they nurture the chakras

“Abigail’s knowledge of the Chakras is absolutely incredible. As someone who has taken this Chakra course both in person and now online, I can say that they are equal to one another. With Abigails invigorating videos, and soothing voice, you really feel like she is having a conversation with you, spreading her knowledge all over you. With this online course, I am able to come back to it time and time again! Which is so helpful for me to really get the information down. Along with the informational videos, there is also a beautiful meditation guide, as well as a full yoga course to follow along with. Once learning more about the chakras you can really start to move and feel your body in the best way for you, alongside her. To me, she is mother of mothers. I can’t wait for her next online course.”

~Amelia Thorn