Chakra Self-Care Challenge

Go from self-care starved to self-care nourished in 7 days.

This challenge is currently closed. Please join the waitlist.


It’s a 7-day challenge to help you get from self-care starved to self-care nourished using the holistic framework of the chakra system.

Each day of the challenge you get a video tip teaching highlights of the chakra and a couple of simple self-care routines that create more balance for that chakra.

Then you choose which self-care routine will work best for your life that day and give it a try. You’ll share a video, photo, or quick note in our Facebook group to let us know how it went.

This way you can practice and learn in a totally safe space!

This is the year YOU can make self-care a priority in your life.

You can join the waitlist for the next Chakra Self-Care challenge coming Fall 2019.