One of the most basic and pleasurable acts of being human is eating. The food we eat immediately affects us – our energy, our mood, and our well-being. It literally becomes our blood. The foods we eat can either add to our radiance or dim it right out. So what foods support vibrant, glowing health? 

Today, let’s keep aligning those chakra centers by diving into the foods that support health and well-being both physically and energetically. Not sure what a chakra is and what it means to have a healthy, balanced chakra? Check out last week’s blog post to learn those basics!

When it comes to feeding the chakras, it’s not just the color to consider, but the effects the food has on our physical and neurological systems as well. Here are the foods I recommend to add into your diet for glowing chakra health.

Root Chakra:
Look to foods that are grounding in nature. Root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, beets, burdock, and winter squashes. These foods are filling, rich in fiber, and help you to feel stable and nourished.

Sacral Chakra:
While not a food, water is probably the best element you can take in to your body for health in the 2nd chakra. We are made up of water and need plenty of fresh, clean water to maintain basic health and life flow. Another favorite of mine for sacral chakra balance is papaya. It is a beautiful, tropical orange color and  is rich in the enzyme papain. This enzyme alleviates menstrual pain and assists in regulating your monthly flow, all part of the 2nd chakra body systems.

Solar Plexus Chakra:
The best foods for the third energy center are those foods that promote digestion. Lemon, lime, fennel, ginger, and fresh (uncooked) fruits and vegetables that are rich in enzymes. Lemon has the added benefit of being the color yellow, and it is especially good for reving up digestion.

Heart Chakra:
Well known for the color green, the heart chakra rules over the heart and lungs. Foods that are excellent for respiratory health include all leafy greens as well as cruciferous veggies such as broccoli and kale. These green veggies are full of chlorophyll – the plant blood that builds your blood. Cruciferous veggies are also full of a compound (sulphurophane) that can reduce the risk of lung cancer by almost half.  

Throat Chakra:
As a beekeeper, honey is one of my favorite foods. It is pure and potent and excellent for throat health. Honey is part of many natural remedies when it comes to soothing a sore throat because it gently coats that area with many healthy compounds. Stick with raw honey, and local if you can get it.

Third Eye Chakra:
Blueberries. Hands down one of the best foods for the energy center called Ajna chakra. Blueberries have been scientifically shown to improve cognition and memory, especially as we age. The third eye chakra is actually located inside the brain behind the brow center, so any food good for brain health is a winner here. This can be foods high in omega 3’s such as walnuts, wild caught fish and green tea which contains L-theanine, an amino acid that improves focus.

Crown Chakra:
What food could possibly support spiritual health? The seventh energy center, sahasrara, or the crown chakra, is all about spirit. Divinity. More than anything you choose to eat, I believe that HOW you eat is a crown chakra element. Mindfully eating is just as important as what you are eating.

That said, my favorite food that enhances emotions of bliss is high quality dark chocolate (even raw chocolate if you dare – I love the local artisan Chocolate Conspiracy). Chocolate is full of anandamide, which increases feelings of relaxation and improves mood. It is also high in magnesium, which the body needs to feel relaxed and connected.

There you have it! – easy ideas for eating to balance chakra health, adding a level of radiance to your foods, and (importantly) getting maximum pleasure out of your food. Do you already have a favorite chakra food? Comment below and share the light!

For ideas on how to create more harmony and health in your chakras, then be sure to join me for my next free 7 Day Chakra Self-Care Challenge! All the details are HERE.

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