What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the science of bringing health to the body based on your natural tendencies. It’s not a one size-fits all program, but rather a lifestyle that invites us to consider our unique needs.

There are three main tendencies, or constitutions, in the Ayurvedic system. They are:

  • Vata – air & ethere, tends to be thin, anxious, and in the head
  • Pitta – fire & water, tends to be muscular, overheated, and forceful
  • Kapha – earth & water, tends to be heavier, slower, and overly grounded

This is a very high level description. The doshas give us common language where we can speak to our individual habits and imbalances from bodily structure to emotional responses.

What is your tendency? There are many wonderful quizzes you can take to get a sense of your mind/body type. Here are some excellent options to discover your dosha:


Eat Feel Fresh Dosha Quiz

Jasmine Hemsley Dosha Quiz

Life Spa Dosha Quiz


A person can be one or any varying combination of these mind/body types. The key to the Ayurvedic framework is that we are all different. We have different needs, at different times of year, of our life – even of the day!

You are born with a specific dosha combination, called your prakriti, and this is best worked out with an Ayurvedic doctor, but any of these quizzes can give you a place to start with what is dominant for you today.

The beauty and the complexity of the Ayurvedic system allows us to appreciate our particular personality and body type and explore a variety of ways to create greater health.

Wellness is like a diamond – there are so many facets it is nearly impossible to see them all. You may understand it one way (eat less sugar), but then learn a new aspect (your brain and liver use glucose to function).

When you embark on a journey of wellness, it’s important to remember that your path will be unique to you. Honor that it will be different. Healthy on you looks different than healthy on me.

I encourage you to take a quiz and go a little deeper in understanding your mind/body type. It all starts with recognizing your traits, getting to know your truth, and being aware of how they change over time.